Insider and Tester Pinky

Aloa, I'm Pinky, a well-formed and always perfectly inflated pink flamingo from Berlin. For some time now, I've been acting as a figurehead of the popular queer online travel guide Pinksider!

As an always cheerful mascot, I accompany our Pinksider testers and insiders to the most beautiful places in the world. With great pleasure I recommend you reliably the hottest locations and hippest hot spots worldwide. Hotels, restaurants, gyms- I'll take a close look at everything that might interest you. I always check the locations for their LGBT-friendliness. Since I'm highly photogenic, I often have to serve as a model too. Follow my adventures on Instagram #travelwithpinky and become part of my wild jet-set life.

Travel with Pinky - Flamingo in Berlin

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Andrew Christian - Gay-Underwear, Swimwear & Sportswear

Andrew Christian: gay underwear brand

Gay Underwear by Andrew Christian: The US label has a legendary reputation especially in the gay community. We'll show you where you can buy the hot jockstraps, briefs, shorts and swimming trunks.
Addicted: The Spanish cult brand from Barcelona

Addicted: The Spanish cult brand from Barcelona

ADDICTED is one of the absolute favorites of the gay scene. The brand offers hot men's underwear, tight swimming trunks and sexy fetish & sportswear. We will show you where to get the Sexy-Fashon!
Barcelona Circuit Festival - the best gay events in BCN

Barcelona LGBT Festivals and Gay Events

Barcelona is Europe's gay summer hot spot No.1 and one of the LGBT community´s most popular places. Throughout the year, the colorful metropolis attracts with some stunning queer events, parties, sun and beach.
Cologne Carnival Festival 2019

Cologne Carnival Festival 2019

At the beginning of March the carnival season is at its peak and of course, the LGBT Community in Cologne is celebrating a lot. As part of the queer Carnival Festival, 5 different gay highlights take place in Cologne in just 4 days.
When to Cologne? - LGBT Highlights and Events

When to Cologne? - LGBT Highlights and Events

The colorful metropolis is Germany's LGBT hot spot. However, several times a year, Cologne is particularly in the focus of the gay community - always when the city hosts one of its popular queer mega events.
Gay Bars in Cologne - Schaafenstraße & Rudolfplatz

Queer going out: Gay Bars in Cologne

Cologne is home to a huge LGBT+ community and a meeting point for gays and lesbians from all over the region. Here are our tips and recommendations for Gay Bars & Cafes in Cologne!
Gay Clubs and Parties in Amsterdam - Insider Tips and Recommendations

Amsterdam's Gay Nightlife - Colorful and Crazy

The Dutch capital is one of the world´s queerest hot spots and has always attracted LGBT visitors from everywhere. Here are our LGBT party tips and recommendations for the best gay clubs in town.
Gay Clubs and Parties in Prague - Tips and Recommendations

Prague's gay nightlife - Enjoy the city's great parties

The Czech capital has become the queer hot spot in Eastern Europe in recent years and has a huge fan base within the LGBT community. Gays and lesbians love the city´s beauty, its casual atmosphere and of course, the vibrant nightlife.
Gay parties and clubs in Hamburg

Gay celebrating - Hamburg's nightlife

Hamburg attracts visitors from all over the world all year round and convinces with its unique maritime charm and Hanseatic calmness. But the LGBT scene in Hamburg also has a lot to offer in terms of parties.
gay & gayfriendly Bars in Hamburg - Olivia Jones Bar

Bar hopping: gay bars in Hamburg

The colourful Hanseatic city in the north of Germany convinces with its multitude of queer bars and hip locations. LGBT Hot Spots can be found everywhere in Hamburg, here are our tips for Gay Bars & Cafes!
LGBT Events Hamburg - The best dates for gay city trips

Here you find Hamburg´s top gay events

Hamburg is Northern Germany's colorful hot spot and destination for queer visitors from all over the world. With countless events and LGBT highlights, the hip city thrills international visitors and guests all year round.
Berlin Syline - Television Tower Berlin

When to Berlin? The best dates for a visit!

All year long, Berlin attracts visitors and guests from all over the world and has become an international hotspot by now. Each season convinces with its very own charm and spirit.