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Gay celebrating - Hamburg's nightlife

Hamburg is not Berlin, but still the home of some of the hottest gay clubs & parties and offers a lot of party fun especially on weekends. The club scene is versatile and has something for every taste.

Hamburg's biggest queer party

Once a month on Saturdays, hip Pink Inc. turns night into day. The legendary gay party currently resides alternately in Schmidt's Tivoli and Clubhouse St. Pauli.

Electro clubbing: men only

With the popular Babylon party series, the city is offering a very special monthly event. This party is designed exclusively for men and their needs.

Hamburg's Dance Bar

A great place to go for dancing evenings is also the rustic Wunderbar. Every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday you can swing your dancing leg and get to know nice people.

The gay event several times a year

Several times a year, some gay super events take place in Hamburg. Popular club Fundbureau hosts with its Manhattan party a grandiose party highlight. The party covers three different areas as well as two dance floors with several bars.

Hamburg's queer pop party

Up to six times a year, Hamburg's queer party community comes together at popular Prinzenbar in the trendy district of St. Pauli, when the colorful party Pop The Floor offers a special kind of spectacle. Here, the dance floor is rocked to pop music and lots of confetti is blown in the air.

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Here you find Hamburg´s top gay events

Hamburg is Northern Germany's colorful hot spot and destination for queer visitors from all over the world. With countless events and LGBT highlights, the hip city thrills international visitors and guests all year round.