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When to Amsterdam? Great Events and Highlights

Several times a year, the vibrant metropolis of Amsterdam thrills with grandiose events that make your city trip even more exciting. Some of the hottest happenings include:

Light artworks from November to January

Amsterdam Light Festival: Dutch and international artists will contribute to this festival, creating spectacular light shows around Amsterdam's historic Canal Ring, the River Amstel and other special locations. The installations can be viewed from a boat, on foot or by bike. You can wander around and explore the works at your leisure, or follow one of the dedicated routes which enhance the experience.

The Channel Festival in August

Amsterdam's countless canals are world famous and are considered landmarks of the Dutch capital. No wonder that once a year a whole festival revolves around the romantic little waterways. Wonderful Grachten Festival takes place in August and is a colorful spectacle full of music, concerts and lights. On the city´s beautiful bridges, lovingly decorated boats and streets, locals and visitors celebrate the beauty of Amsterdam for more than a week.

Köningstag: National Day in Orange

Happy Birthday Wilhelm Alexander! On 27.04, the Dutch people traditionally celebrate the birthday of their beloved king. On this national holiday the whole city turns into one huge orange street party full of flags, hats and costumes.

In April: Tulips from Holland

Cheese, clogs, windmills, and, of course, tulips: these are some of the most recognizable icons of the Netherlands. Throughout April, popular Tulip Festival offers a breathtaking burst of color in the gardens and parks of the city.

The largest flea market in Europe

IJ-Hallen Amsterdam: On a huge area you can browse to your heart's content and discover all sorts of treasures here. Bargaining is more than welcome. The offer ranges from vintage clothing, antiques to kitschy rubbish of all kinds. The spectacle takes place once a month on the weekend; in the winter months indoor.

Have fun in Amsterdam


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