Affiliate Partners

Let’s solve the mystery of “Affiliate Links“ – What are they, how do they work and why does Pinksider use them?

Actually, affiliate links are not that mysterious at all: Affiliate links are commission systems which work via installed links in our articles and online shop. These affiliate links in our articles and products lead to partner shops. These affiliate links contain a code which tells other platforms and partner shops that you clicked a link on Pinksider to get to his website. In case you decide to purchase something there, the provider pays a commission. But don’t panic: You only pay the amount of money the provider asks for and NO additional costs.

If that sounds like advertising to you – it is not. Affiliate marketing differs from classical advertising in so far as affiliate links are always used as product recommendations in editorial and thematic contexts. These recommendations are well-chosen by our editors according to our special categories and topics to create added value for you. The commission we get from our partners will be used to extend our supply.

To sum it up: We want to constantly develop and improve our platform and provide a diversity of offerings to you. To get commissions from partner shops and thus improve our services, we use affiliate-links, which are marked like that: *

You can find the legal information about affiliate links under Privacy Policy