Gay Guide Berlin: Insider tips & recommendations

Berlin - Europe's vibrant metropolis

The German capital has become one of the most popular queer hot spots ever. Here you will find world-class museums, famous sights and great food. Berlin offers a fascinating mixture of glamor and subculture, which is absolutely unique.

As a gay tourist, you quickly fall in love with the uncomplicated lifestyle of Germany's most diverse city, which today also offers the world's most exciting and wild nightlife. Quite rightly, visitors from all parts of the world are crazy about Germany's amazing metropolis.

LGBT Events 2020 - The best dates for your Gay City Trips

Of course, Berlin is always worth a trip. However, the German capital offers some very special queer highlights every year. Up to the event, thousands of gay visitors and members of the LGBT community come to Berlin to enjoy and celebrate together.

CSD Berlin Party Weekend 2020: The Highlights

When the annual CSD takes place in Berlin at the end of July, thousands of queer visitors from all over the world are drawn to Germany's colourful capital city. You shouldn't miss this!

Andrew Christian: gay underwear brand

Gay Underwear by Andrew Christian: The US label has a legendary reputation especially in the gay community. We'll show you where you can buy the hot jockstraps, briefs, shorts and swimming trunks.

MANI Restaurant: Tobi visits hot spot of Israeli cuisine

Oriental cuisine has been enjoying great popularity in Berlin for some time now and to be honest, I am a huge fan of Hummus, Shakshuka and Co. myself. Last week I visited Berlin's hotspot for Israeli delicacies: MANI Restaurant.

Addicted: The Spanish cult brand from Barcelona

ADDICTED is one of the absolute favorites of the gay scene. The brand offers hot men's underwear, tight swimming trunks and sexy fetish & sportswear. We will show you where to get the Sexy-Fashon!

Theater im Keller: Tobi visits Neukölln's Drag Theater

For many years now I have been living in the most exciting city in the world – Berlin; and of course, I am always looking for great shows and entertaining performances. Here's my tip for an entertaining evening or the first date.

The Berlin Museums - Art and History

The German capital is home to a large number of world-class museums and unique collections. No matter if historical treasures or modern art - Berlin attracts art lovers from all over the world.

When to Berlin? The best dates for a visit!

All year long, Berlin attracts visitors and guests from all over the world and has become an international hotspot by now. Each season convinces with its very own charm and spirit.

Dominic tries out Berlin´s Liquidrom

You are visiting Berlin and looking for a great place to relax and chill? I have a really good tip for you: The Liquidrom at Anhalter Bahnhof in Berlin Kreuzberg is one of the city´s most popular spas.