Prides in November

Mezipatra Queer Film Festival - gay-lesbian film festival in Prague
Logo Mezipatra Queer Film Festival

Mezipatra Queer Film Festival

Prides in November
Gay and Lesbian Film Festival in Prague. 2 weeks of Queer Cinema with various LGBTQ+ films, workshops, exhibitions and parties.
25th Mezipatra Queer Film Festival in Prague 2024: November 2024
German Bear Pride Cologne: international bear meeting in Cologne
Logo Bear Pride Cologne 2024

Bear Pride Cologne 2024

Prides in November
BearPride Festival: The annual bear gathering in November in Cologne. Parties, tours, sauna events and much more...
German Bear Pride Cologne Festival 2024: from November 27 to December 1, 2024
Easter Snax Party (SNAX Club)  @ Lab.oratory and Berghain Berlin
Logo Snax Club @ Berghain & Lab

Snax Club @ Berghain & Lab

Prides in November
2 times a year one of the biggest gay fetish party takes place at Berghain Berlin. Strict dress code! Dirty & Fetish
FC SNAX United Berlin @ Lab.oratory and Berghain: November/December 2024
Gay Boat Cruise - Hightlight to Winter Pride Maspalomas
Logo Gay Boat Cruise 2024 @ WinterPride

Gay Boat Cruise 2024 @ WinterPride

Prides in November
The Gay Boat Cruise is a highlight of the Maspalomas Winter Pride every year: sun, water and hot boys and sexy girls.
Gay Boat Cruise 2024 @ Maspalomas Winter Pride: Wednesday 6th Thursday 7th and Friday 8th November 2024
XXX Boat Trip for Men Only: Live DJs and Cruising Deck
Logo XXX Boat Trip Men Only

XXX Boat Trip Men Only

Prides in November
Experience the Men-Only Boat Trip - enjoy an ride with DJs, drinks and cruising. It's getting hot in Gran Canaria!
XXX Boat Trip Men Only @ Maspalomas Winter Pride: November 6 and 7 2024 from 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Gay Pool Party at AxelBeach Hotel: Free Barbecue
Logo BBQ & Pool Chillout

BBQ & Pool Chillout

Prides in November
WinterPride Opening at AxelBeach Hotel: BBQ, Pool and Vibes! Celebrate the Winter Pride Maspalomas in Gran Canaria with DJs, GOGOs and Drag.
BBQ & Pool Chillout @ AxelBeach Hotel: Monday November 4, 2024 from noon to 9:00 pm
Winter Pride - gay and lesbian Christmas market in Hamburg
Logo Winter Pride 2024

Winter Pride 2024

Prides in November
Queer Christmas Hamburg: The largest gay and lesbian Christmas market in Northern Germany.
Hamburg Winter Pride 2024: November / December 2024
Wet & White Party @ Maspalomas Winter Pride Gran Canaria
Logo Wet & White Winter Pride 2024

Wet & White Winter Pride 2024

Prides in November
The Wet & White Party at Maspalomas Winter Pride in Gran Canaria at Amadores Beach Club. Pool, DJs and sexy gogos & performances.
Wet & White Winter Pride @ Amadores Beach Club: November 2024 from 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm
HEAVENUE Cologne: the gay Christmas market in Cologne
Logo Heavenue Cologne 2024

Heavenue Cologne 2024

Prides in November
HEAVENUE - the gay Christmas market in Cologne - presented by THE WORLD OF SEXY
Heavenue Cologne - The gay Christmas market in Cologne: 2024: November / December 2024
Winter Pride Maspalomas - Winter Pride on Gran Canaria
Logo Winter Pride Maspalomas

Winter Pride Maspalomas

Prides in November
very year in November the Winter Pride takes place in Gran Canaria - pool parties, foam parties, boat rides and of course the Pride Parade
Winter Pride Maspalomas 2024: from November 4 to 10, 2024
Winter Pride Maspalomas - Gay Pride on Gran Canaria, Maspalomas
Logo WinterPride Walk 2024

WinterPride Walk 2024

Prides in November
Sexy boys, tight swimsuits and lots of rainbow flags: A highlight of the Winter Pride Maspalomas is the Pride Parade on Saturday.
Winter Pride Parade 2024 in Maspalomas: Saturday November 9, 2024 from 3:00 to 7:00 pm
Pink Christmas @ Frankfurt am Main: The Gay Christmas Market
Logo Rosa Weihnacht

Rosa Weihnacht

Prides in November
The Queer Christmas Market in Frankfurt: This is where the gay community meets to drink mulled wine under pink Christmas trees.
Pink Christmas Market Frankfurt: November / December 2024
Christmas Avenue Berlin - gay and lesbian Christmas market in Berlin
Logo Christmas Avenue Berlin 2024

Christmas Avenue Berlin 2024

Prides in November
The LGTBIQ* Christmas Market Nollendorfplatz in Berlin. The gay and lesbian Christmas market awaits you directly at the Metropol-Theater.
Christmas Avenue Berlin 2024 @ Nollendorfplatz: November / December 2024
Logo LGBTIQ*Winterdays


Prides in November
The winter event for the Berlin LGBT* community at Nollendorfplatz in Schöneberg.
LGBTIQ*Winterdays @ Nollendorfplatz: November 2024
Barcelona Rubber Weekend
Logo Barcelona Rubber Weekend

Barcelona Rubber Weekend

Prides in November
The fetish weekend in Barcelona is one of the best in Southern Europe: Leather | Rubber | Sports | Pups
Barcelona Rubber & Fetish Weekend 2024: November 2024
Amsterdam Light Festival 2024/25
Logo Amsterdam Light Festival 2024/25

Amsterdam Light Festival 2024/25

Prides in November
International artists create spectacular light sculptures around Amsterdam's Canal Ring, the River Amstel and other special locations.
13th Amsterdam Light Festival: from November 28, 2024 to January 19, 2025
Hamburger DOM Winter-Festival: the biggest folk festival in Hamburg
Logo Winterdom Hamburg 2024

Winterdom Hamburg 2024

Prides in November
Hamburg DOM Winter-Festival: Every year from November the biggest folk festival opens to the Hamburg Winter DOM.
Hamburg Winterdom 2024: from November 8 to December 8, 2024
T-Dance Pool Party @ Hotel Ritual Maspalomas
Logo T-Dance Pool Party @ Seven Hotel

T-Dance Pool Party @ Seven Hotel

Prides in November
Hot beats, top DJs and sexy dancers! The open-air pool party at the Gay Hotel Seven in Gran Canaria is the highlight of Winter Pride.
T-Dance - Winter Pride Edition 2023 @ Seven Hotel: Sunday November 12, 2023 from 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Pink Christmas: Queer Christmas Market in Munich
Logo Pink Christmas

Pink Christmas

Prides in November
The Christmas market of the LGBTQ+ community in the Glockenbachviertel on Stephansplatz Munich.
Christmas Market Pink Christmas @ Glockenbachviertel Munich: November - December 2024