L-Day @ Mystery Hall


L-Day @ Mystery Hall: Porn Cinema for Lesbians

It's Ladys Time

Hamburg's well-known erotic shop Mystery Hall offers an extensive range of queer eroticism under the motto "shopping & cruising". Here you can buy sex toys, lubricants and DVDs. In addition, the location offers a great sex cinema in which Lady's day is on the 1st Thursday of every month. The lesbian community loves this event and is finally getting their money's worth in great porn cinema.

Opening hours

L-DAY @ Mystery Hall: Every 1st Thursday of the month at CINEMA, open from 6:00 pm to midnight


Phone +49 40 317 90 568
Mail info@mysteryhall.de
Website https://mysteryhall.de
Address Talstraße 3-5
@ Mystery Hall
20359 Hamburg
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