Snax Party @ Lab.oratory & Berghain


Snax Party @ Berghain: Men only Fetish & Techno

Legendary sex party in a cult location

The Easter Snax Party is one of the hottest gay sex party events in the world and is extremely popular. Once a year this grandiose happening attracts fetish-loving boys and men from all over the world and fascinates with its amazing spirit and unique atmosphere. Finest techno music is played here by the best DJs on the planet and the location´s sound system is anyway just breath-taking. Lab.oratory and Berghain are open to visitors at this special event. This party is definitely a must-do.

Admission: box office only

Opening hours

SNAX Club (SNAX Party) @ Lab.oratory und Berghain: April 2023


Address Am Wriezener Bahnhof 1
@ Lab.oratory & Berghain
10243 Berlin
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