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Gay Accommodation in Hamburg - Private Rooms and Apartments in the LGBT Community

Private rooms - the alternative to hotels

Cologne has a big LGBT scene and is always worth a trip! Visitors and travellers from all over the world are drawn to the Rhine metropolis. You want to go to the Pride to Cologne, to the famous carnival or just take a weekend trip? Then here, together with our partner misterb&b, we have a few tips for private accommodation in Cologne:


Cologne Carnival Festival 2020 - Gay Carnival

In February the carnival is at its peak and of course the LGBT community in Cologne celebrates a lot. As part of the queer carnival festival, 5 different gay highlights will take place in Cologne in just 4 days.

When to Cologne? - LGBT Highlights and Events

The colorful metropolis is Germany's LGBT hot spot. However, several times a year, Cologne is particularly in the focus of the gay community - always when the city hosts one of its popular queer mega events.