Die Mumu


Mumu Bar: Cologne's sympathetic bar in the gay Bermuda Triangle

The authentic pub is a must-do with every Cologne visit

This institution of the Cologne gay scene is located in the middle of the city´s gayest street -Schaafenstraße. Mumu is small but nice and impresses with its witty charm and atmosphere. Here you can enjoy great Kölsch beer, dance to pop music and of course, get to know interesting people. On warm summer days, everyone is standing outside and having a good time.

Opening hours

Closes 02:00
Opens 19:00
Show all days
now open again daily from 7:00 pm


Phone +49 221 1686 7277
Mail info@die-mumu.de
Website http://www.die-mumu.de
Address Schaafenstraße 51
50676 Cologne
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