Kölner Karnevalsmuseum


Kölner Karnevalmuseum: Fun and Tradition

Germany's biggest carnival museum

At Ehrenfeld district, this museum is Cologne's whole pride and joy. Carnival season is sacred in Cologne and so the world-famous event has also been dedicated to a whole museum. Here you can inform yourself since 2005 about the long and exciting history of the Cologne Carnival, admire historical costumes and experience curiosities. On more than 1400 square meters you will find countless magnificent exhibits and unique objects related to the famous folk festival.



Opening hours

The Cologne Carnival Museum is open from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm: Saturday 25 April 2020, currently no events due to the coronavirus pandemic


Phone +49 221 574 000
Mail veranstaltungen@koelnerkarneval.de
Website https://koelnerkarneval.de/museum-veranstaltungshalle
Address Maarweg 134
50825 Cologne
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