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Die wilden Weiber von Neukölln: Tobi visits famous BKA Theater

The Wild Women of Neukölln: Tobi at the BKA Theater

Kreuzberg´s BKA Theater is known everywhere for its great entertainment and witty cabaret. Just recently I made my way to this amazing place to see a show called “Die wilden Weiber von Neukölln”.

BKA Theater Berlin - Biggy van Blond, Ades Zabel & Bob Schneider

Berlin's best Entertainers

Bob Schneider, Ades Zabel and Biggy van Blond shine here in their parade roles of three shrill ladies from Berlin´s multicultural neighborhood of Neukölln, who are always struggling with life and themselves. The whole show thrives on the great performance and fabulous presence of the three performers who, right at the beginning of the show, fascinate the audience with a fast-paced vocal number, setting the bar extremely high for the next 2 hours. Throughout the entire show they sing live, dance a lot and do amazing lip syncs; again and again there are super funny movie sequences as well as dozens of jokes.

BKA Theater Berlin: Tobi tests the cult theatre at Mehringdamm

From Neukölln with Love

In terms of content, the three ladies show the daily struggle of living in Berlin. With much wit and self-irony, the main concerns of every cosmopolitan citizen are discussed here: Job, lover, apartment – we all are always looking for something- that's what Carrie Bradshaw preached to us sometime in the 90s already! Whenever Ades Zabel, as Edith Schröder, desperately tries to supplement her unemployment benefits or to find the right man in a dating show, the mood in the cozy theater is just wonderful and I wish the show never ends.

Tobi at the BKA Theater Berlin with Biggy van Blond

My highlight: animal print goddess Biggy van Blond -as a Ukrainian TV mascot- experiences the enlightenment by a higher being: "The ultimate tranny".

My conclusion on the BKA Theater

I have never laughed so much at show. From the first to the last second you will have a great time here. Entertainment at its best. For Berliners and visitors a must!

BKA Theater Berlin : Popular cabaret theatre at Mehringdamm in Kreuzbe

Insider tip of the Night: With the help of sodastream, watermax and co., the cheap Tetra Pack wine can be transformed easily into delicious Prosecco. I guess that's how Jesus felt!


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