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Sandtheater Berlin: Tobi recommends unique sand painting shows in Berlin

Sandtheater Berlin offers shows regularly here and thrills its guests. Last weekend I also visited a production and watched a show called „Berlin, ick liebe Dir!“-A tribute to Berlin.

The show: Berlin in the Course of Time

The show takes place in a cozy theater room with free seating. An elegantly dressed sandartist is standing at a lectern during the entire show, which is covered with tons of sand. Everything is transferred to a huge screen.

The play revolves around Berlin and the moving history of the metropolis. The sandartist creates with her bare fingers detailed images of the Wilhelmina era, Berlin´s glorious salon culture and of course, the golden 20s in the fine sand in front of her. Each picture is accompanied by typical music of its epoch; a song by Marlene Dietrich ensures a good mood right at the beginning.

Emotional journey through Berlin

With only a few gestures the artist leads the viewers a few more decades, about the Nazi era and the reconstruction of the German capital to the construction of the Berlin Wall. As the original voice of Kennedy accompanies the painting, I get goose bumps.

Of course, Berlin's world-famous attractions get their moments too. The popular TV Tower, Olympic Stadium and Victory Column are painted into the sand one by one. I enjoy the songs of Berlin musicians such as Harald Juhnke and Roger Cicero which are played in the background.

A must for visitors to Berlin

Tobi says … Sand painting is a fascinating art form and a great alternative to cinema and Co. A visit here is worthwhile in any case.


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