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Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin: Tobi visits VIVID Grand Show

Legendary Friedrichstadt-Palast in Berlin Mitte is an entertainment institution and known far beyond Germany´s borders for its great shows. Currently, you can find posters of the new production all over the city, which is on everyone's lips anyway. Of course, I also made my way to Friedrichstadtpalast to see VIVID.

The VIVID Grand Show - To the point:

  • over 100 dancers and musicians
  • spectacular costumes and hot artists
  • fabulous live singing
  • and the largest theatre stage in the world

Singing, Dancing and lots of Talent

For over two hours I enjoy a fast and breathtaking show in a class of its own. It offers perfectly performed dance choreographies, fabulous live singing and as well acrobatic excellence in front of fascinating stage sets. Right at the beginning of the show, some graceful ballet dancers with synchronous dance moves on stage shine like only Arielle´s sisters under the sea.

I would not have needed the slightly tough painting performance shortly afterwards; however, at that time I was also irritated by the grandpa in the square behind me, who wouldn´t stop eating a whole bunch of snacks: popcorn, chips, chocolate!

Amazing Costumes and Hot Artists

Highlight of the show for me: Definitely the spectacular costumes, which could also come from the 80s fund of Grace Jones: gorilla, latex, half naked! With many of the outfits you could easily enter the runway at RuPaul's Drag Race - without having to worry about landing in the Bottom Two.

The hot artists and performers are, of course something for the eye. In the meantime, I'm taking the plan to play the confused tourist and sneak backstage - but I don´t wanna miss a second of the great show.

I cannot recognize a common thread. A confused alien keeps appearing on stage and reminds me a lot of Sandra Bullock in Gravity - somehow lost. Even a blue rose often shows up, but what does that mean? No idea. But it doesn´t matter, because the performance of the artists is wonderful and the atmosphere in the hall is just thrilling. Unique lighting effects create a moving atmosphere on top.

Tobi says…

The Vivid Grand Show is colorful, entertaining and full of talent. For Berliners worth seeing, for visitors an absolute must!