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BKA Theater Berlin: Tobi tests one of the city´s most popular theaters

Although I have been living in beautiful Berlin for several years now, I have not been able to pay a visit to the legendary BKA Theater in the past. All the more, I was really excited to visit the popular cabaret at Mehringdamm live on the last weekend. Together with a friend, I set off to explore the entertainment classic.

Living room atmosphere in the middle of Kreuzberg

The theater is located on the 5th floor of a house in the middle of trendy Kreuzberg and is really easy to reach by metro. Already the lobby area impresses with its cozy charm and informal mood. The decor, which includes mainly warm red tones, conveys a cheesy, pleasant flair and the large bar in the entrance area invites you to linger and feel at ease. Of course, I took a delicious Gin&Tonic and chatted with the really friendly bar staff for a while.

Fabulous show with top cast

In the run-up I had informed myself about the theater´s varied shows and events and finally decided --as a true flight attendant- for the play "Fly, Edith, Fly".

Tickets and information about others

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The piece is the latest work of the Ades Zabel-Company with the well-known Berlin show stars Ades Zabel, Biggy van Blond and Bob Schneider. As can be imagined, the professional ensemble delivers a brilliant comedy number that will never make you bored for a second. Peppered with funny hit numbers fresh from Mallorca, the cast makes great jokes about Berlin´s never ready airport and messes around with German travel clichés.

Tobi says…

The turbulent piece, which will be shown again next year, is absolutely worth seeing! Berlin local flavor coupled with a touch of the wide world: Not only for flight attendants a must!