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MAMMA MIA - The Musical in the Stage Theater des Westens: Philipp recommends the ABBA cult musical

If you like ABBA and musicals, I’ve got an extremely good event tip for you guys: MAMMA MIA - the Musical in the Stage Theater des Westens in Berlin. It’s funny, humorous, and just very entertaining.

The Venue: Theater des Westens

I’m immediately impressed by the beautiful presence of the theater as I arrive on a blustery autumn evening. The theater is is one of the oldest and most beautiful musical theaters in Germany. It’s impossible to overlook the large white flags on the building that say “MAMMA-MIA” and fuel my excitement.

Trembling with excitement, I enter the theater where I run into a delightful young woman holding a donation box for the Berliner Aids-Hilfe, a Berlin-based HIV/AIDS NGO. Before I know it, my money falls from my wallet into the donation box and I do my good deed for the day. Now the relaxing musical evening can begin!

MAMMA MIA - Welcome back to the 70s!

I must admit it: I’ve always been a huge ABBA fan, and as a proper fan I did my homework before the musical. To warm up, I listened to and sung along with a big chunk of ABBA music at home. I’v got the lyrics down and am ready for the show to begin!

Once I enter the main theater hall, I’m nothing short of impressed. The size of the hall and the noble red velvet seats immediately attract me. I quickly locate my seat and sink right into it. Superb it is! The musical starts soon after I take my seat.

The musical MAMMA MIA takes place in Greece and tells the story of the 20-year-old Sophie and her mother, Donna. Sophie wants to get married and wants her biological father to be there by all means. Because she doesn’t know who her father is, she invites all three possible men to her wedding - of course without her mother knowing. Chaos is inevitable.

I was into the whole thing from the very beginning and can almost sympathize with Sophie. More than 30 actors and actresses convey the story with fun, glee, and authenticity. The 22 hits from ABBA such as “Dancing Queen”, “Take a chance on me”, and of course “Mamma Mia” play a superior role in the musical. After all, it is an ABBA musical. The musical lasts about 2 hours and 40 minutes, including a 30 minute intermission, during which I treat myself to a pretzel and a glass of wine. Both exceed my expectations. ;-)

After the intermission, I head to the second part of MAMMA MIA with a boost of energy. Like the first part, the stunning costumes, impressive actors and actresses, and the singing quality continue to blow me away. To be honest, I was so into it that I quietly sang along to each song. ☺

My Résumé: A MUST for every ABBA Fan!

ABBA is a band with absolute cult status. For those who love both ABBA and musicals, attending MAMMA MIA is absolutely obligatory. I loved every second of it and was fully engaged the entire time.


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