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Zsa Zsa Burger Berlin: Tobi recommends Burger Restaurant Hot Spot

Although the Zsa Zsa Burger has been recommended to me by friends quite often in recent years, I have only now managed to take a closer look at this food favorite of the LGBTI + community. Together with my boyfriend I made my way to Schönenberg last weekend to visit the hot spot myself.

A Community´s Favorite

The restaurant is located on Berlin´s notorious Motzstraße and can easily be found. Today it's the last really warm summer's day and I'm looking forward to my visit at Zsa Zsa Burger all afternoon already. After I have reached the location by bicycle, I am greeted by the sympathetic owner personally at the door, just like every guest, and immediately feel comfortable. The atmosphere here is informal and relaxed, with many outdoor tables occupied. The queer factor: high! I love it.

World of Burger

Studying the menu opens up a whole new dimension of Burger creations to me. There is a wide selection of different preparations and flavors here. All burgers are handmade, consist of a 200g beef patty and come with fresh salad and tomato. I decide for the "Egyptian Burger", a variant with dried fig and goat's cheese. As a side dish, I swap fries with sweet potato fritters, which is totally OK with the friendly staff.

When my order is served, my mouth is watering. The combination of sweet fig and goat's cheese in a thyme-honey sauce in crunchy wholegrain bread tastes delicious. The juicy beef is perfectly fried (I play in team "medium well") and the sweet potatoes are crisp and delicious.

My conclusion: great burger creations in a relaxed ambience

For Burger fans, a visit at Zsa Zsa Burger is an absolute must. Here you can enjoy a completely new side of burgers in a relaxed atmosphere. Whether with a date or your friends you will have a great time here.


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