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Revolver Party Berlin: My party tip at the legendary KitKatClub

Revolver Party - Insider Gay Party Tip for Berlin

Berlin is Europe's party capital No.1 and offers the right event for everyone. In no other metropolis there is more choice of queer events. One of the most popular gay happenings is the Revolver Party @KitKatClub, which lures people every second Friday of the month. Last weekend, I had a really good time there as well.

Revolver Party Berlin: Electro best, sexy guys and lots of fun

Revolver Party Berlin: Electro music, sexy guys and lots of fun!

Of course, the first challenge when visiting famous KitKat is already the hard-hitting door policy. The selection here is feared scene-wide, so that I am -in wise foresight- wearing one of my hottest outfits. Basically, there is no particular dress code – but sexy is always a good choice.

Revolver Party @ KitKatClub Berlin - monthly gay parties in Berlin

Topless is the new black

Once I passed the bouncer, I directly make my way to the wardrobe. To my surprise, it is for free and you just stow all your belongings in plastic bags that you hand over to the staff. A glance at the round tells me: It's gettin' hot in here!

The boys around are ready to undress; most wear skintight sports shorts of the most famous gay fetish labels. Countless Harnesses now line the entrance area. Most popular look of the night: Topless! Since I do not want to attract attention, I adapt to the trend. Topless is the new black.

Revolver Party Berlin - Electro Beats and Berlin House Music

Electro at its finest

On several floors at KitKat electro music is played in a class of its own. The DJs here are among the best anyway, and they keep the visitors going. Of course, I also move my hips a lot and enjoy the great beats. In between, I relax in the cozy outdoor area. There's even a pool here that actually drives some guys crazy. The location also offers two cruising galleries and some hidden corners, so even dark room friends can easily have an amazing time here.

Revolver Party Berlin - Electro beats, pool and dark room

A cute boy comes to me, invites me for a drink at the bar. Since I do not want to be rude, I accept the invitation. However, I can hardly concentrate on the conversation with him - does a jockstrap shimmer through his pants !? .... Back on the dance floor, I meet some friends; we turn night into day and dance until the wee hours.

Revolver Party Berlin - Topless is the new Black

My conclusion: Revolver Party is one of my favorite parties in Berlin. The mix of Berliners and visitors is just perfect. A must for singles and open couples!

Revolver XXL - more Foors, more Boys, more sex , more of everything

Several times a year there are even more boys, more fun and more party. For Easter, Pride and some other dates Revolver XXL delights the gay party community.

Revolver Party Berlin - Dates 2019/2020

November 8th Revolver Party XXL - Sports Fetish Special

December 20th Revolver Party - Xmas Special

April 10th REVOLVER PARTY XXL 2020 Easter Fetish Special

25 July REVOLVER PARTY - Official Berlin Pride 2020 Opening


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