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Berlin's wild nightlife: Tobi betrays his best clubs and parties

Nowhere else are the DJs better, the nights longer and the parties wilder than in Berlin. The city offers something for every taste and especially the gay parties here are legendary.

Chantal is calling on Thursday nights

For me, the weekend usually begins on Thursday, because every Thursday the well-known drag queen Chantal celebrates her legendary party called Chantal's House of Shame in famous Suicide Circus at Warschauer Strasse. Local gay boys and men come here to have an amazing time, flirt around and dance until Friday morning. Around 02:00h there´s always a funny show act that will blow your mind. The DJs play electronic music here but there´s also a cool outdoor pop area.

The best club in the world

No matter where you are in the world, as soon as you mention that you're from Berlin, people will quickly ask, "Do you know this one club?" They are talking about Berghain!

In fact, Berghain´s reputation- and its integrated Panoramabar located on the upper floor- is legendary. The entire place- a former power station- is one of the most famous and notorious clubs in the world and has been enjoying a huge fan base for years. Every Saturday there´s an endless queue in front of the doors, but only the fewest will make it inside. I prefer to come here on Sundays when the world's best DJs are playing and the sun rises slowly. In summer time, there is a garden area, where you can dance relaxed in the sun.

Party non stop

Especially in the summer time, Bottons has become one of my favorite parties in Berlin. Once a month this amazing event takes place at about blank close to Ostkreuz. The crazy and wild party attracts a mixed audience of all gender, sexual orientation and style, celebrating a full weekend without interruption. The club´s outdoor area with its large dance floor and green garden is the perfect place to party and have fun during the day as well.

Have fun partying and if we meet somewhere, you are welcome to buy me a drink.