20 x 20 @ Boyberry Barcelona


20x20 @ Boyberry Barcelona: Cruising Hot Spot

XXL Day on the 20th of the month

In Barcelona's gay neighbor L'Eixample, Boyberry is a particularly popular cruising venue of the Catalan capital. The trendy location offers a generous labyrinth, many cabins and cozy corners where you can have lots of fun. Boyberry is also home to a well-stocked sex shop that offers everything the queer men's heart desires. Here you will not stay alone for long. Especially highlight on the 20th of the month: All men who are bigger than 20cm down there, come in for free!

Opening hours

XXL Day @ Boyberry Barcelona: Friday, March 20, 2020 from noon to 11 pm


Phone +34 93 426 2312
Mail info@boyberry.com
Website http://www.boyberry.com/barcelona
Address Carrer de Calàbria 96
08015 Barcelona
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